The Gottlieb Native Garden - A California Love Story

The Gottlieb Native Garden Book Cover.jpg

You'd have to have lived in a cave for the last decade to be a native gardening enthusiast in So cal and be unaware of the Gottlieb garden. Located in the heart of Beverly Hills, this astonishing project will either energize you well into the 21st century with native planting ambitions, or send you crawling under your covers in shame.  Both a stunning coffee table review of the family's epic conversion of their property (images by Susan Gottlieb herself), as well as a series of coherent, instructive manifestos for the urgent need to create native habitat where you live. Though few of us have the property or the economic resources to put together a garden as complete and of this scale, there are so many gorgeously executed ideas and juxtapositions in this book that you need only have a small deck (or even a couple window sills) to get stoked. If you want to get ideas for what to do with your own little paradise, splurge this summer and take a swan dive into the visual inspirations of this tome. Regardless of where you live, this achievement-and equally it's message- will inspire you, that I promise.

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