What IS a wild yard? 

A Wild Yard is a yard, patio or windowsill that provides vital habitat for the creatures we’ve displaced here in urban and suburban America, by providing food, shelter and fresh water.

A Wild Yard creates habitat by employing at least 50% native plants. This helps to both preserve our natural heritage AND preserve nature’s tendency toward co- evolution, the process by which insects learned, over vast periods of time, to host upon specific plants. Insects, in turn, provide both vital protein for a vast number of larger animals, as well help maintain health soil for plants to grow.

A Wild Yard always has a supply of shallow, fresh, running water for the birds, bees and other critters that visit our native habitat. 

A Wild Yard offers perch for nesting and feeing birds, as well as cover for the thousands of lizards, snakes, insects and other critters your habitat will attract. By planting “low, medium and high”, we make sure that nature has a safe place to dwell, dine and rest. 

A Wild Yard builds rich healthy soil, leaves its leaves alone and avoids pesticides, fertilizers and other harmful chemicals.